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Made by professionals

IP NetworX is made by professionals for professionals. It is 100% tailored towards the needs of today's SEOs and allows you to host your Network without creating footprints.


NO Footprints

  • Only A and B Class IPs
  • Every IP is hosted on a different server, eliminating the server footprint.
  • Different Nameservers for every Domain

Easy to use awesome Control Panel

Our System is as easy to use as any other SEO Hosting while offering you 100% footprint elimination. In difference to other Multi-Location SEO Hosts, we offer you different cPanel Accounts for every domain and a management system that couldn't be easier to use.

What makes us safer?

You might have heard to stay clear of SEO Hosters as they leave a huge number of footprints and that is generally true. At IP NetworX we have worked hard to eliminate these footprints. We have employed a number of techniques to protect your network, including elimination of the nameserver, http header and IP ownership footprints. Please see below to find out what protection we have employed.

How do you handle the nameserver footprint?

Everyone of our IPs has a different nameserver so that your network cannot be tracked by looking at the domain nameservers.

We also use .de nameservers without mx records (disabling e-mail) for all the IPs. This allows us to provide you with more safety against Algorithmic Detection. For example, a .de Domain does not show the domain registrar in the whois information thus protecting against the footprint of having nameservers at the same registrar.

What other security features against detection to you have?

Every IP is set up on a different server spread over multiple locations. At other hosters you only get a couple of servers. Many seo hosters will even place your IPs and domains on a single server causing a huge footprint.

By checking the http header it is possible to determine whether domains are on the same server. With us, you don’t run the risk of getting your network caught because of this, as your domains will be placed on different servers with different http header informations.

How do you handle bad neighborhood?

Our IPs are not ranged like they are with normal SEO Hosters. It’s not possible to jump from one IP to the other by following a range.

We also randomize the IPs given out so your domains won’t all end up on the same IPs as those of other users and as we have randomized the max number of domains that can be on any IP (20-50) we have mitigated the risk even further.

Can't the network be tracked through IP ownership?

Our IPs show different IP ownership records. Normal SEO Hosters own all or most of their IPs which leaves a big footprint. As our IPs show different owners you won’t be tracked that way either.

Multiple Location SEO Hosting Packages Why pay for C-Class IPs when you can have A-Classes?

10 IP Package

$ 25 /mo

  • 10 A/B Class IPs
  • Price per IP $2.50
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 5,000 MB of space
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200 IP Package

$ 320 /mo

  • 200 A/B Class IPs
  • Price per IP $1.60
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 100,000 MB of space
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7 Days Money Back Guarantee

100 IP Package

$ 185 /mo

  • 100 A/B Class IPs
  • Price per IP $1.85
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 50,000 MB of space
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7 Days Money Back Guarantee

50 IP Package

$ 107 /mo

  • 50 A/B Class IPs
  • Price per IP $2.14
  • cPanel & Softaculous
  • 25,000 MB of space
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Why you should go with us

85+ A-Class IPs

We don’t just offer different A-Class IPs, with us you get a different Server location for every different IP.

Daily Backups

Daily Backups - Never worry about your data again!


No Footprints

None of the Server Footprints other SEO Hosts suffer from. Be protected with our high-end hosting technology.

7 Days Money Back Guarantee

We know you will love our hosting but, just in case, you can get 7 days money back.

Custom Control Panel

We developed a system that makes your work easier. Our system simplifies your workflow and helps you to be faster and more efficient.

Awesome cheap prices

Thanks to our high end technology we are able to offer you cheaper prices than our competitors and still have the better quality SEO Hosting.

High-quality Support

High End Support that is schooled regularly and will be able to help you with any query you might have.

Made by professionals

We know from experience what makes or breaks a good SEO Host. The key is attention to detail, try us and you will see what we mean!

Footprints of normal SEO Hosting

Normal SEO Hosting is a thing of the past. Google can detect it as easily as they detect link wheels. Don’t put your network and even more importantly; your money sites, into danger? The footprints of C-Class SEO Hosting are numerous. If you host with them, the danger of getting caught by google and loosing your income are a lot greater than you might think. So STOP paying for dangerous C-Class Hosting and get IP NetworX to make your Network safe!

Sequential Blocks of C-Class IPs

Most SEO Hosters will give you sequential C-Class IPs. When your Network is hosted on these IPs it becomes very easy for Google to spot. It is simply unnatural for a money site to receive links from subsquential IPs.

At IP NetworX we only use A and B Classes that are non subsquential, giving you an optimal IP Spread.

Same Nameservers for all Domains

When you buy normal SEO Hosting you get the same nameservers for all your Domains. This also creates a footprint that is very easy to read.

At IP NetworX you will get a different Nameserver for every single Domain.

Single Data Center or even Serversy

Normally when you buy SEO Hosting all your Domains are hosted within a single Data Center. Often even on the same Server. This can be tracked!

At IP NetworX we don’t only utilize different Servers but also different Data Centers for your Domains.

Records of IP Ownership

When your SEO Hoster owns the IPs they are offering you, this can be seen in the IP Ownership Records.

At IP NetworX we use IPs from different Owners, thus eliminating that footprint.

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