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You will, without a doubt, have heard a lot of stories about why it is unsafe to use one hoster for all your PBN Domains. Normally, all of this is true. There is not a single other SEO Hoster, apart from us, where you could host all your PBN Domains without them getting de-indexed.

So, what makes us safe?
We have eliminated every single footprint that hosting can create. There are no nameserver, SOA, http header or any other footprints that could tie your domains together when you are hosting with us. If you run a check on domains on our hosting you will see different hoster names for them as well. If you want to know about the footprints we have eliminated, take a look at the rest of the FAQs.

Most SEO Hosters are allowing unlimited Addon Domains on their IPs. While you might think that this is great, after all, you can host more domains than you have IPs, it actually is a huge danger. Have you ever considered what would happen, if a different customer adds 5 addon Domains, each linking to the same Money Site?

If this happens, and believe me, it does, it basically burns the IP those addon domains are on. Google will see the IP as non trustworthy and thus your PBN gets deindexed. At IP NetworX we do not allow any addon domains so your network can stay safe!

One of the biggest risks associated with SEO Hosting is bad neighboorhood. It is also the one footprint, that is the hardest to eliminate as doing so cuts heavily into the profit margins of the hoster. We have decided to do it anyway.

What we have done

We have limited every single IP to a random maximum number of Domains between 20 and 50. In other words, no IP will ever have more than 50 domains on it. Our IPs are all non – sequential so it is impossible to get bad neighborhood from IPs above or below the IPs you get. We then have randomized the IP give-out process and are retaining a minimum of 50% more IPs than what we offer as our biggest package.

E.g. at the time of writing this, our biggest package is 150 IPs while we are retaining over 250. By randomizing the IPs given out, holding more IPs than we sell in one package and restricting the amount of Domains on each IP, we have made sure that no 2 people have the same IPs.

In other words: If Customer A’s PBN Network was found by Google due to a manual review, Customer B would stay uneffected because he would only share very few IPs with Customer A. Google would also not be able to jump through the IP Ranges to find Customer Bs Domains as our IPs are non-sequential.

All our IPs are spread over more than 100 datacenters. With IP NetworX you no longer have to worry about getting your PBN found and deindexed because of a datacenter footprint.

Most SEO Hosters own all their IPs and have the same AS information for them. At IP NetworX our IPs are owned by different companies and people and are under different AS, thus eliminating the IP and AS footprint you find with SEO Hosters.

We are primarily using .de nameservers as these allow us to eliminate all of the nameserver footprints.
Some of the footprints that you usually find with nameservers are:

All nameservers...

  • have the same Whois Record
  • are registered at the same Day
  • are registered for the same time period
  • are called ns1.nameserver.com and ns2.nameserver.com
  • show SOA Records with your own information or the same SOA Records

All of our nameservers are setup in a way that none of these footprints are caused. If you are worried about causing a footprint by having lots of .de nameservers, don’t be. German Servers are some of the cheapest in the world. Due to this, a lot of international websites are hosting on German Servers and thus have .de nameservers. It is impossible for Google to devalue or raise flags with .de nameservers as doing so would penalize A LOT of authority websites.

Our SOA information do not list any of your personal information and are completly randomized. Every domain you add will have different SOA information listed.

A lot of SEO Hosters put your websites on a single or 2-3 servers. This causes a huge footprint as Google can tell that the domains are on the same server(s). At IP NetworX we put each and every Domain you add with us on a different Server.

Every Server has a different Setup and is owned by different companies. This way, there is no server footprint that could tie your domains together.

We do not allow E-Mails of any kind. Our hosting is setup to block all incoming and outgoing E-mails. There are no exceptions to this. Normal PBNs do not need E-mails and there is a lot of evidence that shows that blacklisted IPs (due to SPAM) can cause Google to view the Domains on those IPs as untrustworthy.

We are aware that some potential customers might need e-mails but our focus in on keeping everyone’s PBN Networks safe and not on getting more customers. If you need E-mails you sadly will have to get different shared hosting accounts for all your domains instead of hosting with us.

You get 5000 MB Bandwidth and 500 MB Disk Space for every domain. The disk space and bandwidth is not interchangeable between your domains. If you need more bandwidth or space for juts one or two domains we will happily increase it for you. All you have to do is send us a ticket with the domain name(s). If you need more space or bandwidth for several domains we might have to charge you an extra fee though.

Most SEO Hosters sell you C-Class IPs. Using those, you are putting your PBN in risk though. Other Hosters try to sell you A-Class IPs as the holy grail. Yet, having only A-Class IPs also puts your domains in risk.

If you analyse the backlinks of any natural Authority Website you will find, that there is a natural split between A and B Class IPs (with very few C and D Class). In other words, if you only have A- or C- Class IPs, you are creating a backlink profile that looks unnatural. The key to creating a PBN that doesn’t get deindexed is to make everything as natural as possible. That is the reason why we are selling A- and B-Class IPs and not just A- or C-Classes.

If you want to know more about natural IP spreads, you can take a look at this article: The Big Misconception about IP Adresses

The following plugins do not work on our servers:

  • Onefeed Supercharger by Network Empire

Further, if you are using these plugins we will not offer ANY support at all for the domains they are used on:

  • SerpShaker

The following content is not allowed under any circumstances:

  • content deemed illegal in the US
  • Gambling content
  • Pharmaceutical content
  • Adult content
  • or any other content outlined in our TOS
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